Institute of Integrative Ayurveda Medical Education

Integrative Ayurveda Training for Wellness Consultants

Stuart Rothenberg, MD, FAAFP and Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, ABIHM
Program Directors Stuart Rothenberg, MD, FAAFP Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, ABIHM

A 55-hour clinical certificate training program for Yoga Teachers, Health Coaches and other non-medical health professionals to offer Ayurvedic Wellness Education to their clients

Participants will develop practical skills for offering Prevention and Wellness Education Services — including Ayurvedic pulse assessment and all the forms needed to conduct an Ayurveda Wellness Consultation Practice

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Integrative Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurveda from Integrative Medicine Experts


Ayurveda is the world’s oldest Health System arising from the ancient Vedic Tradition of India. Maharishi Integrative AyurvedaTM is a comprehensive modern formulation of this ancient science in accord with the classical texts. – read more

Expert Integrative Ayurveda Faculty

Stuart Rothenberg, MD and Nancy Lonsdorf, MD are two of the most experienced Integrative Ayurveda clinicians in the world. Each has over 30 years of experience and each has treated over 10,000 patients with Integrative Ayurveda. – read more

Multi-Modality Approach

Ayurveda contains virtually every modality in Integrative Medicine. In addition it provides guidelines as to how to coordinate and personalize a multi-modality approach to a wide variety of patient types and health disorders – read more

Why Practice Ayurveda

Meet Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf in this video as they each share their insights of over 30 years of clinical experience in Ayurveda – read more

What you will learn

  • Prevention

    Learn how to identify imbalances before they manifest as disease and eliminate them through effective natural medicine approaches.

  • Ayurvedic Diagnosis

    Learn the ayurvedic approach to determining the underlying root imbalances of common symptoms

  • Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment

    Over 14 hours of expert instruction with supporting printed materials by our two MD faculty, each with experience seeing over 10,000 patients

  • Diet and Nutrition

    Offer clients an individualized approach to diet and nutrition that addresses underlying imbalances at the root of their illness.

  • Remove Dietary and
    Lifestyle mistakes causing  imbalance

    Discover new and practical non-pharmacological approaches to enliven the body's natural healing mechanisms and address the causes of common chronic disorders.

  • Detoxification

    Learn how to apply traditional Ayurvedic procedures for clearing toxins from the body.

  • Stress Reduction

    Learn how to apply scientifically validated approaches to stress-reduction and mind-body balance.

  • Lifestyle Changes

    Learn how to individualize daily routines and lifestyle recommendations to live in harmony with natural environmental and physiological rhythms

Course Structure

  • Online – Phase 1
    15-hour Integrative Ayurveda Personal Wellness Course for Health Professionals
    read more
  • Online – Phase 2
    55-hour Integrative Ayurveda Training Course for Wellness Consultants– read more
  • Live – Phase 3
    Live 1, 2 or 3 day Workshopsread more
  • Ongoing support with live webinars & Q&A
  • Note: The Course for medical professionals contains an additional 11 hours of protocols for specific diseases.



  • Integrative Ayurveda Personal Wellness Course

    In this 15-hour course Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf share their decades of experience with many thousands of patients to demonstrate how to explain Ayurveda Personal Wellness to a new client.


    Integrative Ayurveda Wellness Consultant Course

    In this 55-hour course Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf teach the details of offering Ayurveda wellness consultations. Course includes Pulse Assessment and all the forms needed to do an Ayurveda consultation practice.

  • Basic Ayurveda Principles

    Doshas, body type (prakriti), imbalance (vikriti), diagnosis, subdoshas, dhatus and ojas

    Foundational Treatment Modalities – diet, daily routine, herbs, cleansing, mind-body medicine, aromas and spices

  • Ayurveda Pulse Assessment

    Over 13 hours of clinical instruction by Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf including highly detailed color graphics of pulse assessment technique

Registration & Fees

Ala Carte and Package Options Available


A Three Phase program with online and live components


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Legal Issues Regarding Practicing as an Ayurveda Wellness Consultant

Depending on the laws of your state you may or may not be able to conduct a business as an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant. It is essential that you become familiar with the appropriate laws in your state and consult with a legal expert as to regulations relevant to offering Ayurveda consultation services.