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Vikriti: Signs of Imbalance in the Doshas

Vata Dosha- Signs of Imbalance
You have trouble falling asleep.
You wake up early in the morning and can't get back to sleep.
When disturbed you become anxious and fearful.
Your memory is not good.
You have pains without any known functional disorder.
You physically tire easily.
You are underweight for your height.
Your digestive strength varies a lot.
You often have indigestion with gas and bloating.
You experience tension headaches.
You experience constipation often.
You are more sensitive to stress than others
You have trouble concentrating.
You experience irregular heart beat or palpitations
You often feel shaky and unsteady
You have dry skin
You have low sexual drive
Pitta Dosha- Signs of Imbalance
You get hot easily
You have premature greying of hair or loss of hair
You often have skin rashes and skin disorders
When agitated you become angry easily
Your sweat has a strong odor
You have heartburn and ulcers
You have blood disorders
You easily get bloodshot eyes and have vision problems
Your digestion is irregular
You become emotional very easily
You are quick to become irritated
You become very uncomfortable if you have to skip or postpone a meal
Kapha Dosha- Signs of Imbalance
You are overweight for your height.
When disturbed you easily become depressed.
You often experience lethargy and dullness.
You have slow digestion.
You often experience sinus congestion and blockage.
You are slow to learn and memorize.
You have oily skin.
You feel heaviness in your abdomen or other parts of the body.