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Ayurveda Personal Wellness Course

Optional Health Coaching Services

Why work with a Health Coach?

Integrative Ayurveda Health Coaches have received extensive training in Ayurveda and can help you prioritize and most easily apply the knowldge you need to achieve better health. Your health coach can answer your questions, help achieve your priorities and speed your personalization of Ayurveda self-health care knolwdge.

1. Determining your Health Goals - A Personalized Health Approach
The first step with your coach is to prioritize your own personal goals for your wellness program.

2. Developing your personalized Wellness plan
There is a great wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge in the online program. A Health Coach can help you prioritize, master and apply the knowledge in your daily life.

3. Help with Habit Change
Habit change can be difficult. But now there is a wealth of knowledge on how to best achieve habit change. Your coach will help you structure a doable step by step approach to required habit change.

4. Support with Ayurveda Self-Pulse assessment
Pulse assessment is a uniquely valuable tool for personal health care. If you have purchased the Self-Pulse Assessment option your coach is expert in the process and can help you develop this skill more quickly.

5. Personalized Instruction in the Ayurveda Practices of Daily Routine
If you would like additional mentoring in the following you may include it in your list of goals for your consultation program:

a. Pranayama practice
b. Asanas instruction
c. Sun Salutations practice
d. Abyhyanga - daily Ayurvedic oil massage

6.Personalizing Spices for Food and Ayurvedic Spice Waters
Spices have exceptionally powerful influence on Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A complete spice use program includes use of spices in diets and the use of the simple but powerful spice water system

7. Personalized Cleansing Programs
Your health coach will work with you on the use of simple home cleansing programs that can be done on a seasonal or as needed basis.

Health Coach Options

You may purchase Health Coach Services in the following Package sizes.

1. 15 minute "Segments"

You may register with your coach in advance for as many "segments" as you wish. For example you could buy 10 segments and sometime sschedule to have a brief 15 minute conversation about a point or schedule for an hour long conversation.

$25 a segment – Choose the number of segments you wish to purchase at the shopping cart.

Schedule in advance with your coach how much tiime you would like for a session. If you run over time the coach will keep track of the segments used and keep you informed of the segments used and still available.


3.  Three Visit Package 3 vists of 1 hour each
This time allows for answering of major questions and a chance for you and your coach to develop the sequential steps of development of your Ayurveda program. The visits are scheduled at your convenience and allow you to apply your program and report back on your experience and gain feedback.

$225 ($75 an hour)

4.  6 Visit package – 6 visits of 1 hour each
This package allows you the time to work through a series of recommendation periods with your coach adjusting and personalizing the program at each step of the way.

$390 ($65 an hour)