Institute of Integrative Ayurveda Medical Education

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Course Faculty
Stuart Rothenberg, MD
Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

Stuart Rothenberg, MD and Nancy Lonsdorf, MD are two of the most experienced Ayurveda clinicians in the world. Each has over 30 years of experience and each has treated over 10,000 patients with Ayurveda.





Phase 1

Ayurveda Personal Wellness Course for Health Professionals

Online 15 hours

1. Initial 11-hour course for lay public.

In the initial 11 hours of the course Drs Rothenberg and Lonsdorf draw on their decades of experience with thousands of patients to describe the key principles of Ayurveda (7.5 hours) and then Dr. Lonsdorf teaches basic Ayurveda Self-Pulse assessment (3.5 hours).

2. Health Professional Supplement

The Health Professional supplement to the course includes 3 additional lessons (4 hours)

1. The Diagnostic Approach to the Patient

2. Protocols for Digestive Disorders

3. Case Study presentations using introductory principles

Course Structure and Curriculum

Section 1: Basic Principles – 7.5 hours: click here

Section 2: Introduction to Ayurveda Self-Pulse assessment – 3.5 hours: click here

Section 3: Health Professional supplement – 4 hours


The Ayurveda Personal Wellness Course for Health Professionals is available Ala-Carte or in a Package Program

1. Ala Carte

$335 - click here

2. Package: