Why Ayurveda with Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf

A New Wave In Integrative Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine for the Modern Practitioner

with Stuart Rothenberg, MD and Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

In this presentation Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf introduce Ayurveda and explain the valuable contribution Ayurveda makes to integrative health care. Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf are clinical Ayurveda experts each with over 30 years’ experience incorporating Ayurveda into contemporary medical practice. Enjoy the description of their journey with Ayurveda and its role in integrative medicine.

Part 1: Stuart Rothenberg, MD – 8 minutes

Part 2: Stuart Rothenberg, MD – 13 minutes

Part 3: Stuart Rothenberg, MD – 10 minutes

Part 4: Nancy Lonsdorf, MD – 15 minutes

Part 5: Nancy Lonsdorf, MD – 14 minutes

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