Registration: Wellness Educators

Wellness Consultant Training Package

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Our Package Program Includes:

  • 60+ hours of video lessons
  • over 600 pages of supporting printed material
  • Ayurveda pulse diagnosis training
  • All the questionnaires and patient education forms you need to conduct an Ayurveda Consultation Practice
  • Live workshop and Coaching support

Two Options for Live Support

Option 1 — 1-Day Live Group Workshop

One day workshops with faculty are held throughout the year at different locations. The workshops review the foundational knowledge of Ayurveda and pulse training and provide opportunities for Q & A sessions.

Option 2 — 6 Hours of Private Coaching

Online participants may choose to have 6 hours of private coaching sessions with one of our adjunct faculty graduates of the Masters in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine Programs at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

These Graduates have had over 1,100 hours of graduate level training in Maharishi AyurVeda with Western Medical faculty and distinguished Vaidyas from India.

Live participation requirement for Certificate of Completion of Training

You must complete the live day workshop or 6 hours of private coaching to receive a Certificate of Completion from MAAA.

Package Program Fee

  • Wellness Consultant Training Course – $1,250

Note: The Medical and Wellness courses are identical except the Medical track includes an additional 11 hours of Ayurveda protocols for disease

Current Discount — 15% on Package programs

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  • AIHM members use code aihm15
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Partial Payment Programs Available for Package Programs

  • Terms: Divide your fee after discounts into 4 equal payments at 3 month intervals.
  • For details call 877-540-6222


One Day Workshops

2018 Schedule – 1-Day Workshops

(Further locations and dates to be announced)

Date: Friday, September 15th
Co-Sponsor: New York TM Program
Location: New York, NY

Date: Friday, November 2
Co-Sponsor: University of Maryland, Center for Integrative Medicine
Location: Baltimore, MD

Three Day Workshop – limited availability

There is only one three day workshop still available in 2018

  1. Review the main principles of the online course
  2. Provide intensive reviews and hands on training of pulse diagnosis
  3. Provide case-study training
  4. Lead Q and A sessions

2018 Schedule – 3=Day Workshops

Limited availability

Date: March 23, 24, 25
Co-Sponsor: Pacific Pearl La Jolla, Guarneri Integrative Health
Location: San Diego, CA

Date: November 2, 3, 4
Co-Sponsor: University of Maryland, Center for Integrative Medicine
Location: Baltimore, MD

Fees and Registration

If you wish to attend the three day workshop there is an additional $300 fee. New package program prices with the three day workshop before discounts are:

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