Integrative Ayurveda Health Professional Training

Health Professional Training

Integrative Ayurveda Training for Health Professionals

This certificate granting on-line program is a clinical training program for  health professionals designed to give them the skills and knowledge to incorporate Ayurvedic consultations in their practice

Participants will develop a set of practical skills based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda  that can be immediately applied in a clinical or wellness practice. (non-physicians need to consult laws in their state regarding practice)

Health Professional Training Options and Fees

  • Package Option – 80 hour online Course plus 6-hours of private mentoring – $1,295:


Integrative AyurVeda

Authentic AyurVeda from Integrative Medicine Experts

Authentic Ayurveda is the world’s oldest Health System arising from the ancient Vedic Tradition of India. Maharishi Integrative Ayurveda™ is a comprehensive modern formulation of this ancient science in accord with the classical texts. – Learn more

Expert Integrative Ayurveda Faculty Stuart Rothenberg, MD and Nancy Lonsdorf, MD are two of the most experienced Integrative Ayurveda clinicians in the world. Each has over 30 years of experience and each has treated over 10,000 patients with Integrative Ayurveda. – Learn more

Multi-Modality Approach Ayurveda contains virtually every modality in Integrative Medicine. In addition it provides guidelines as to how to coordinate and personalize a multi-modality approach to a wide variety of patient types and health disorders. – Learn more

Why Practice Ayurveda Meet Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf in this video as they each share their insights of over 30 years of clinical experience in Ayurveda. – Learn more

What you will learn

Participants will develop practical skills for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease—including Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis—that can be immediately applied in your clinical practice, as well as your own life.

Prevention Learn how to identify imbalances before they manifest as disease and eliminate them through effective natural medicine approaches.

Ayurvedic Diagnosis Learn the ayurvedic approach to determining the underlying root imbalances of common symptoms

Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment Over 14 hours of expert instruction with supporting printed materials by our two MD faculty, each with experience seeing over 10,000 patients

Diet and Nutrition Offer clients an individualized approach to diet and nutrition that addresses underlying imbalances at the root of their illness.

Chronic Disorders Discover new and practical non-pharmacological approaches to enliven the body’s natural healing mechanisms and address the causes of common chronic disorders.

Detoxification Learn how to apply traditional Ayurvedic procedures for clearing toxins from the body that may be a cause of chronic disorders.

Stress Reduction Learn how to apply scientifically validated approaches to stress-reduction and mind-body balance.

Lifestyle Changes Learn how to individualize daily routines and lifestyle recommendations for your patients to prevent behavioral mistakes that cause health problems.



Adjunct Associate Professor
Maharishi University of Management

Dr. Rothenberg is National Director of Health Professional Training of the Institute of Integrative Ayurveda Medical Education (IIAME).

He was founding medical director of the first Maharishi AyurVeda clinics in the United States and has more than 30 years of experience in leading Maharishi AyurVeda training courses, having trained over 1500 physicians in the US and abroad.


Adjunct Associate Professor
Maharishi University of Management

Dr. Lonsdorf is National Co-Director of the Institute of Integrative Ayurveda Medical Education (IIAME).

Dr Lonsdorf is a specialist in integrative medicine, clinical faculty member at Maharishi University of Management, and former medical director of The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center. She is an expert on Ayurveda and women’s health and is author of The Ageless Woman.


Basic Ayurveda Principles

Doshas, body type (prakriti), imbalance (vikriti), diagnosis, subdoshas, dhatus and ojas

Foundational Treatment Modalities – diet, daily routine, herbs, cleansing, mind-body medicine, aromas and spices

Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis

Over 13 hours of clinical instruction by Drs. Rothenberg and Lonsdorf including highly detailed color graphics of pulse diagnostic technique

Protocols for Disorders

Detailed protocols are provided for conditions in the areas of digestion, mental health, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, headache, women’s health, respiratory, obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders

Health Professional Training Options and Fees

  • Package Option – 80 hour online Course plus 6-hours of private mentoring – $1,295:


The Transcendental Meditation® technique, Maharishi AyurVeda® and any course service or product on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition or changes in lifestyle, exercise or diet.

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