Integrative Ayurveda Health Professional Training

Advanced Training: Mentoring Options

Advanced Training Options

Mentorship with Maharishi AyurVeda Masters Degree Graduates

1 – Single question

  • $50 per question
  • relevant printed materials and up to 30 minutes live coaching

2 – Case Study – 1 case

  • $75 per case
  • relevant printed materials and up to 30 minutes live coaching

3 – Consulting on the Ayurvedic approach to an organ system and its diseases.

Masters Graduate training was organized by the Ayurvedic approach to the 7 organ systems. Within each organ system training was given on a comprehensive set of specific diseases.

You may pick the organ system and which specific disease protocols within them you wish to receive documents and coaching on.

One Organ system and 3 disorders from available choices

  • $225
  • includes relevant PDFs on the organ system and the three disorders from list of available disorders
  • includes 2 hours of coaching (phone or video service like Skype or Facetime)

Each additional disorder

  • from availability list
  • includes relevant documents plus 30 minutes coaching each disorder)
  • $50

Organ system consultation list.

  1. Musculoskeletal
  2. Cardiovascular/Renal
  3. Digestive System and Metabolism
  4. Pulmonary system and ENT
  5. Articular System
  6. Endocrine/Reproductive system
  7. Hematologic/Immunologic system
  8. Nervous system and Skin
  • Disease system list for each organ system provided upon request.
  • Email request to:

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